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Cordyline Maria - Live plant in 10 inch pot

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Cordyline Maria - Live plant in 10 inch pot - Common Name | Cordyline, Cabbage Palm or Good Luck Plant

Cordyline is an evergreen that features thin lance shaped leaves that emerge pinkish red in panicles in summer and are followed by red berries. In Hawaii leaves of the pant are used to make hula skirts and edible stems for food. Its name Cordyline comes from the Greek word Kordyle, meaning “club”, a reference to the enlarged underground stems.

Foliage Colors: Bolero Green, Red Pepper, Maria, and Guaca
Average Size: Height: 26-27 inches / Spread: *
Available Container Sizes:
6inch7inch8inch10inch12inch14inchHanging Basket

Plant NameCordyline
Light exposureHigh light
ClimateAbove 50 Degrees
WateringSoil must be kept moist but never allowed to dry out
FertilizerOnce a month during growing season. Once every 3 month during off season
Planting tipsCan be used as a Bush, Hanging basket
OriginRegions of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Polynesia and Hawaii


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