Macho Fern - Live plant in 10 inch pot

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Macho Fern - Live plant in 10 inch pot - Common Name | Nephrolepis biserrata

Ferns can be used as a house plants or patio plants. They add grace and texture to any room or patio. They all enjoy filtered light and moderately moist soil. Ferns are unique in that they are seedless and flowerless plants whose true roots form from a rhizome, or underground stem. They naturally propagate from the rhizome being severed or, more commonly in nature, from wind-borne spores.  Ferns are still today, despite their limited life span, among the most popular green plants. Interesting Facts about Ferns Did you know that the ferns on your windowsill belonged to the plant kingdom at the time of the dinosaurs? They are between 250 and 400 million years old, and have scarcely changed since then. Today the botanists number some 200 genera and 9,000 species in the division of fern plants.

Foliage Colors: Green/Lime fronds with leaflets on both sides
Average Size: Height: 10-12 inches
Available Container Sizes:
6inch7inch8inch10inch12inch14inchHanging Basket

Plant Name Macho Fern
Light exposure Bright, Indirect Light
Climate 60 – 90 Degrees
Watering Soil must be kept moist but never allowed to dry out
Fertilizer Not Required
Planting tips Can be used as a Bush, Hanging basket. Perferably indoors
Origin South America, Mexico, Central America, Florida, the West Indies, Polynesia and Africa

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