Philodendron Cordatum - Live plant in 6 inch pot

Philodendron Cordatum - Live plant in 6 inch pot

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Cordatum - Live plant in 6 inch pot - Common Name | Green Cordatum, Philodendron Cordatum

Philodendrons are vines that clamber in trees in their native tropical habitat, thus the common name, which translates as “tree-lover.” Most form aerial roots, which in the wild help them climb trees, and in your home can be put to use to help them climb a plant pole. They grow well in most indoor light conditions at normal room temperature or slightly warmer. Allow the soil surface to dry to the touch between waterings. The Philodendron Cordatum is very possibly the easiest houseplant to grow. The plant has been used for many years as a durable accent to almost any area of the home. Heart-shaped, glossy green leaves cover this plant from top to bottom.

Foliage Colors: Green glossy leaves
Average Size: Height: 10-12 inches/ Spread: 1-2 Feet
Available Container Sizes:
6inch7inch8inch10inch12inch14inchHanging Basket

Plant NamePhilodendron Cordatum
Light exposureBright, Indirect Light
Climate60 – 90 Degrees
WateringSoil must be kept moist but never allowed to dry out
FertilizerEvery two months
Planting tipsCan be used as a Bush, Hanging basket. Perferably indoors
OriginSouth Eastern Brazil

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